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Please contact us about the possibilites of our thermoforming films.

Thermoforming films

We supply quality thermoforming (TFFS) films with excellent gloss and clarity for premium product presentation and excellent mechanical properties for deep-draw applications.

With supply layered films with the following characteristics:

  • Thickness range 50 to 400 micron
  • Standard and custom widths
  • Medium and high barrier applications
  • Suitable for pasteurization and deep-freezing
  • Perfect seals through contaminants like grease, oil, fat, water
  • High Impact and puncture resistance
  • Outstanding Optical properties

Our thermoforming films have a range of oxygen transmission rates to meet medium or high barrier objective. Optimize shelf-life for packaging virtually all meats, cheeses, poultry, fish, sandwiches or other form-packaged products.